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Fall Victim to a Data Breach

Why? Cybercriminals leverage the path of least resistance. That means businesses that have limited time and resources to put towards cybersecurity become a prime target. Could your business be in their sights?
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Customer Data Makes you vulnerable

All Data Is Valuable To Cyber Criminals

Storing and accessing customer data mixed with limited resources to dedicate to cybersercurity means your organization may be at a higher risk of suffering a cyber-attack.
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92% of Data Breaches due to Human Error

Employees are unaware of risks

66% of cybercriminals rank email phising as thier attack vector of choice. Unsuspecting employees may be fooled by un illegitimate email wihtout thinking twice.

Dark Web Data Can't Be Erased

Exposed Employee Credentials

Company account can be involved in data breaches too, such as the LinkedIn or Dropbox breaches. These breached credentials can’t be erased and without proactive security and swift remediation, can pose high risk to your network

Password Reuse is an Epidemic

"Its easier to use one password"

59% of individuals admitted to mostly or always using the same password, despite 91% knowing it’s a security risk. *If a breaches password is reused, the subsequent accounts are also at risk of being hacked.


48% of hackers and incident respondents spend 1-5 hours per week keeping up with security news, trends, and technologies. Technology is a reactive way of thinking, so how can we compete? We need to take a proactive approach to cyber security to stop cybercriminals in their tracks by strengthening employees – your first layer of defense.


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Dark Web Protection

Dark Web Protection

Ongoing dark web monitoring alerts you the moment employee credentials show up on the dark web. Push password resets and stop a breach before it happens.

Email Phishing Protection

Email Phishing Protection

Phishing is the #1 attack method of choice among cybercriminals. AutoPhish keeps security top-of-mind with automated, simulated phishing campaigns.
Fortify Human Defenses

Fortify Human Defenses

92% of data breaches are caused by human error. Annual security training covers the basics while ongoing weekly micro-security training keeps users up-to-date.

Documentation Tracking

Documentation Tracking

With written security policy templates and a policy acknowledgement portal, ensure your employees know the proper procedures while tracking their annual agreements.
Employee Awareness

Employee Awareness

Monthly security newsletter and personal dark web scanning capabilities allow employees to protect themselves at work and at home.
EVA Brings It All Together

EVA Brings It All Together

EVA, our Employee Vulnerability Assessment, takes these key security metrics and adds engagement with an interactive leaderboard and friendly competition!


Cybercriminals leverage the path of least resistance, humans, to make their way into a network. We can help you assess where your human vulnerabilities lie. Contact us today to learn how we can help you start establishing cybersecurity throughout your organization.